Pivot Topicals is effective in treating inflammation-based pain. This type of pain is common in the elbow and can be brought on through sports with repetitive movements such as golf and tennis. Other creams, edibles and prescriptions may provide some relief, but they can take a long time to begin working, have limited effects, and contain medications that you don’t need such as Lidocaine.

Pivot’s proprietary formula directly targets inflammation-based elbow pain for relief and is fast-acting, long-lasting, non-addictive and grease/scent free. The advanced delivery technology behind Pivot supports micro-dosing, where only a tiny amount of our product is needed to provide relief. Just one pump (about the size of a grain of rice) is needed to elicit huge effects. No lugging around huge bottles of topicals to the courts and waiting 30 or more minutes for relief to happen! Enjoy sporting activities on your terms.


  • Pivot’s technology allows for micro-dosing, so one small pump can treat a palm sized area in pain.
  • Apply one rice sized dollop to the inside of your elbow joint (not the outside of the elbow, typically where the pain is felt). This allows the formula to reach the area of inflammation more effectively.
  • Let Pivot absorb over 3-5 minutes (no need to completely rub in, rubbing causes the fingers to absorb much of the product).
  • Repeat application as necessary to cover the full site of pain (usually for the elbow only one application is needed).
  • If low or only partial relief is felt, an additional dollop can be used on the elbow itself.
  • Pivot is very safe to use daily whenever pain is felt.

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