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As a biochemist and drug formulation specialist, Michael Oda, Ph.D. was no stranger to creating medical innovations. However, after witnessing his parents become overwhelmed by crippling pain, he decided to put his expertise to use and created a one-of-a-kind safe, natural, and effective pain relief product.

Dr. Oda’s philosophy is that the best way to solve biological problems is by leveraging natural processes. He set aside a year of his life to develop a solution to help his parents, putting his 30 years of formulation chemistry experience to work. The result is Pivot Topicals.

With his father suffering from debilitating arthritis, needing a walker to stand, and his mother plagued with crippling migraines, they were eager to try a clean, safe, non-addictive and fast solution. After trying Pivot, Dr. Oda’s parents were immediately pain-free. After repeated use they began to experience its long-term benefits, wherein Pivot’s effects became more long lasting and they became less reliant on it.

Dr. Oda's parents had reclaimed their independence, and because of the astounding effect Pivot
 had on his family, Dr. Oda knew he had to share this discovery with the world.

Your body enables your story. The story of your experiences. The story of your life.

Thriving in the lifestyle you desire, at any age, is the core value behind all Pivot products. Dr. Oda’s mission was to bring his parents back to their joy, and now you can do the same.

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