Ben's Story

Shoulder Inflammation Relief

Ben was suffering from pain in both shoulders for 18 months. After multiple MRI's and different diagnoses, he discovered his shoulders were inflamed from overuse. Ben tried other topical pain relief creams without any success. A friend recommended Pivot and he finally got the relief he was looking for. Ben is now back to golfing, lifting weights, and living the life he loves.

Lucille's Story

Relief from Knee Arthritis

Lucille was struggling with arthritis in her knee which would flair up when walking or performing certain motions. She tried other anti-inflammatories which did not help and wore a brace to manage the pain. 1 minute after applying Pivot to the back of her knee, the pain was gone.

Juli's Story

Golfing Pain Free

Juli is an LPGA teaching golf professional and Division 1 college golf coach. She has been playing golf for over 25 years and has a passion for physical fitness. All of the years of being active have led to arthritis in her wrist and hand. A friend recommended Pivot, and when she tried it, the pain in her hand and wrist disappeared. Now Juli can get back on the course, pain free.

Brad's Story

Hand, Knee, and Neck Relief

Brad loves staying active and going to the gym, but his pain had been limiting him. By applying a small amount of Pivot to his hand, knee and neck he felt immediate pain reduction. Brad recommends Pivot to anyone in need of inflammation relief!

Joanne's Story

What Pain?

Joanne uses Pivot on the days when her hands, knees or neck ache. What she loves most about the product is how once she puts it on, she forgets something was even hurting! No lingering smells or greasy feeling, Joanne's just back to living her life.

Sara's Story

Aches & Pains

Sara has been using Pivot for months on everything from muscle aches and pains to bug bite relief! She loves how just a tiny bit goes a long way and the relief is instantaneous.

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