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Pivot combines advanced formulation chemistry with the natural pain relief of cannabinoids. This one-of-a-kind topical solution provides hyper-targeted relief in seconds.

At the heart of Pivot is its state-of-the-art drug transport technology, enabling Pivot to work with your skin’s chemistry and safely enter in seconds for laser focused delivery.

We believe the best remedies work with your body. For over 20 years Dr. Oda studied how the body transports nutrients and chemicals. In his studies, he identified several key processes that regulate transport, ensuring nutrients and chemicals arrive at their proper destination. He hypothesized that these internal regulatory processes also exist in our skin to control the flow of chemicals in and out of our body. Pivot's proprietary patent pending formula engages these “gate keeper” mechanisms in the skin to rapidly cross this normally highly resistant barrier, solving a medicinal challenge that has existed for over 3,000 years. In contrast, the traditional method used by other topicals is to cross the skin by overwhelming it with highly concentrated drug in a strong smelling greasy paste or oily cream. Pivot takes a more elegant approach using a molecular key to unlock the skin in a clean odor-free gel.

Edibles, creams, and prescription medications may provide some relief, but they can take up to 30 minutes to begin working, relief can be moderate, is often not long lasting (3-5 hours), and they don’t target the site of pain. Pivot delivers fast-acting, long-lasting, non-greasy, and scent-free relief precisely at the site of pain. Some topicals include additional medications you don’t need. For example, many topicals contain Lidocaine, which is often added to numb your skin and give a false sense of pain relief. Importantly, unlike prescription medications, there is absolutely no risk of addiction.

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With Pivot, relief comes without risk. The Pivot family of products is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you suffer from inflammation-based pain, it's time to Pivot back to your best life.

Pivot is safe because it uses micro-dosing, wherein a tiny amount of active ingredient (less than 1:100th the normal dosage in this case) is precisely administered. How can we do this? Nearly all the active ingredients in Pivot are carried across the skin by our advanced delivery technology, unlike other topicals where only a tiny fraction of active ingredients actually enters the body and the rest remains on the skin as a greasy/oily residue. This combined with our formula’s targeting of inflammatory processes, means very small amounts of active ingredient are needed to elicit huge effects. Other topicals employ old fashioned brute force methods, applying large amounts of active ingredient in potentially toxic solvents to force their way cross the skin and treat pain indiscriminately. Many topicals claim dosages in the 10's of mgs, trying to enter your body by overwhelming your skin’s defenses.

The Pivot family of products is safe and non-greasy, delivering only what you need, where you need it, bringing clean, residue-free, odor-free superior relief.

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Just a single application can get you back to living the life you love in seconds.

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