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Start with a rice grain sized dab of gel


Apply it over site of pain (palm sized area)*


Relief should be felt within 3 minutes with maximum relief had within 5 minutes

* For knee pain, apply first to the back of the knee. For shoulder pain, first apply to the armpit. If further relief is needed, apply to the front and side of the shoulder respectively. For headache relief, apply to the temples and back of neck initially. Some people find relief when applied just under the hinge of the jaw on the neck.


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Run the marathon. Take the hike. Enjoy the yoga class. Pivot helps you achieve your dreams. With our fast acting and long lasting natural topicals you can treat pain at its source, without the drawback of strong odors or greasy / clothes staining ointments.

Stop the pain before it stops your day. Our customers don't let inflammation-based pain get in their way. Why should you?

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How it works

Pivot's proprietary formula attacks pain by engaging the “gate keeper” mechanisms in the skin to rapidly cross this normally highly resistant barrier.

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